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Monarch is seeking to partner with the best real estate professionals in key ultra high net worth locations. We are a full-service, bespoke real estate brokerage firm.  Providing services to support every real estate need of your clients and assisting you with selling listings, connecting with buyers and working with more clients.  We’re looking for expert agents: Professionals who are passionate and understand the value in providing premier service.  Motivated and connected people that know their local communities and global networks.

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The World's Luxury Lifestyle
Real Estate Group

Passion Excellence Accountability







                                  Backed by over 25 years of luxury real estate experience, $6 Billion in Sales and over 4,000 agents, we provide our agents with the confidence and experience to work with premier properties and high profile clients with excellence.  From securing a property or listing their home, to managing the details of their home and life, Monarch is the ultimate luxury real estate firm for both agents and clients. 

The real estate market has permanently changed.  Monarch provides the bespoke service oriented representation and a powerful marketing platform to sell listings and expand your business.   Our systems aid you in focusing on your clients and your market.  Sitting in the office and waiting for people to walk through the door is obsolete.  We are accountable to our clients and our agents.  Our method is smart and effective; making it possible for you to deliver the experience clients deserve.  Experience the Difference!

                             Monarch was founded on service first.  Perceiving the real estate industry was changing, we wanted to make a difference and be a part of that change.  Since we have an in-depth knowledge and understanding of luxury real estate from the bespoke service angle, we are ahead of the curve.  Clients want value with their service and we’ve been doing that since 2008.  Our commitment to service, progressive marketing and efficient business systems is what sets us apart. 

Making a difference with every real estate experience

Our difference . . .
Who we are . . .

There are two options to choose from.  Review the information below and watch the video to determine which path best suits your career growth plans:

The Money

  • 85/15 Split with $12K Cap, then 100% split per year - Opt 1

  • Up to $24k in Stock per year

  • No Monthly Fees

  • $249 US/$349 CAD Sign Up Fee 

  • $285 US/$325 CAD transaction fee after cap

  • $750 US/$850 CAD annual brokerage fee, paid from first 3 transactions/anniv year includes E&O

  • Revenue Share

  • MREC/WealthQuotient
    Certification & Complete Business Systems  (Application Required)
      - Opt 2


The Basics

  • State of the Art Tech:  Skyslope, Workplace, CHIME + Proprietary App

  • Monthly Coaching for Opt 1
    Weekly Luxury Real Estate Coaching, Training and Education (Group and Individually) for Opt 2

  • Customized Qtrly Magazine for Your Area - Opt 2

  • Monthly Social Media Content Customized to You - Opt 2

  • Autonomous Branding & Marketing Center available: Newsletter, Link in Bio, Buyer/Seller Guides, Unlimited Landing pages for Giveaways, Open House and Listings, & more - Opt 2

The Difference

  • Real Estate Concierge Certification for Ultra High New Worth (UHNW) Service - Opt 2

  • FULL Service Real Estate:  Providing service before, during and after RE transaction with Concierge and Estate Management - Opt 2

  • Autonomous Branding with a Global Reach

  • 46 US States + Canada and growing daily and 9000+ agents

  • REALM Member

  • UHNW Prospecting - Opt 2

  • Monthly Wellness Benefits

  • Quarterly Mastermind Events

To Learn More About Which Option is Best for You,
Watch this Short Overview Below:

Learn More . . . 8 Ways to Earn
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We are hiring in the following locations:
USA: Santa Barbara, CA I Orange County/Newport Beach, CA I Maui, HIDallas/Houston, TX I Aspen/Vail, CO
NYC/Hamptons, NY I Charlotte, NC I Nashville, TN I Atlanta, GA I Hilton Head, SC
Canada: Alberta I Ontario

International: London, UK I Paris, FR I Monaco

If you would like to be considered, please complete the application form below

and book an appointment to speak with Laura on her calendar:

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