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Barbara Corcoran
Preferred Broker




Laura Doughty, CEO and Broker of Monarch Real Estate Concierge is the newest member of, the international real estate network that’s changing the face of the real estate business in the U.S. and abroad.

As an investor on the Emmy award winning NBC show Shark Tank, Barbara has become America’s real estate expert, welcomed into living rooms across the country where her real estate know-how and disarming style bring viewers a wealth of knowledge delivered in common sense language.

“I’m wild about my select brokers and very excited to have Laura Doughty joining us,” said Barbara.  “She’s just the kind of savvy broker I most admire. I’m so proud to have her as a member of our team!”

As a select member of Barbara’s network, Laura Doughty now has access to an international community of the best brokers in the world and the ability to post, promote and cross-market among them.  Laura can also access to Barbara’s up-to-the-minute marketing tips for homeowners, and, perhaps most importantly, Barbara’s own personal endorsement.  Invitation to join Barbara’s network is selective and membership signifies a high level of professionalism, dedication and ability.

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