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We advise our clients on prime residential properties, sales and acquisitions for their real estate portfolios, in the US, London and beyond; directing over one billion in real estate since 2008. With each client, Monarch achieves excellence through bespoke service, expert proficiency in interpreting their individual needs and incredible attention to details, creating an unparalleled experience and constantly raising the bar for luxury living. Whether you are looking for a home or an investment – Monarch is your real estate solution!

Why We Love Our Clients

At Monarch, our clients truly are our extended family.  We travel the world for our clients!  Handle the smallest task, like it is the most important!  We become so involved with all the aspects and details of our clients lives that it’s only natural that a relationship beyond Real Estate and client is formed.  We love it and wouldn’t have it any other way!

Why We Don't Like the Word "No"

We strive for excellence at Monarch; it’s one of our core values.  We know perfection is an illusion, but when our clients have a request, it’s our tenacious determination for the solution that gives rise to the answer.  In the end, our clients appreciate our resolve on their behalf!

What is Full Service?

At Monarch, it’s not only about the nuances involved in real estate transactions, it’s about truly knowing and understanding our client’s lifestyle at the core.  Going beyond the contract and taking care of the extraordinary with our concierge services.  Having the expertise to know when a property doesn’t work for our clients overall portfolio plan because our estate management services qualify the properties that make the most financial sense.  Our full service, comes full circle – before, during, after closings and beyond!  Beyond the paperwork, beyond the mechanics of the home, to the heart of what matters – Our Clients!


Our Services

Malibu home

Real Estate

Lead by Broker Laura Doughty, Monarch Real Estate Concierge has managed to carve out their own niche in bespoke real estate services, controlling well over one billion in real estate globally. With seasoned experience and the reputation of fostering solid, long-term relationships. Monarch is the only veritable full-service real estate brokerage firm with experts who strive to service the entire spectrum of their exclusive clients’ portfolios. Monarch clients are luxury buyers and high-end sellers: entertainers, professional athletes and high-net-worth individuals whose real estate holdings dot the globe, to clients with small family homes and investment needs. With uncompromising professionalism and dogged drive has yielded unheard of success in their niche luxury real estate concierge marketplace.

Design & Development

At Monarch, our team of experts provide a wide range of skills and experience. Our customized solutions meet our clients specific needs and preferences. This includes designing bespoke homes that reflect the client's style and vision, as well as developing unique features and amenities to enhance the property.


This is particularly beneficial for our retainer clients, who have complex requirements and are looking for a high level of craftsmanship and attention to detail.  Working with our team streamlines the process, as they only have to deal with one point of contact throughout the project. This can reduce the risk of delays and misunderstandings, and make the process of creating a new property more efficient and stress-free for the client.

Being more focused on providing personalized service to our clients, this includes working closely with our retainer clients to understand your needs and preferences, and providing ongoing support and advice throughout the project. 

Luxurious Hotel Room
luxury living

Estate Management

We offer unparalleled estate management services to compliment and complete the purchase of your next real estate investment. Covering all areas necessary for maintaining the integrity of all your properties; we keep your investments in the best condition possible. We’ll assess your potential property before you make that large investment; providing you with a detailed analysis of the true cost of your real estate purchase.  After you’ve closed on the property, our estate management team will not only make sure your staff is properly trained and supervise the necessary vendors, but we’ll prepare a customized checklist that will help ensure your financial investments appreciates over time.

Luxury Concierge

At Monarch, we understand that our clients are accustomed to the very best. Whether for yourself or for your home, our concierge services are available 24/7 to meet your unique needs.  For your luxury lifestyle, we cannot only take care of the usual concierge requests: plan the perfect getaway, or organize the most spectacular event, or suggest a great restaurant; when it comes to your real estate portfolio, we streamline the process: providing you transport to and from the airport/hotel to property showings, coordinate any vendors and when you're in resident, we'll take care of the flower, grocery shopping and much more!

We do this by getting personally familiar with our clients varied lifestyle preferences, needs and expectations. We save our clients the hassle, time and money and remove stress from our clients’ lives. We leave them wholly focused on meeting their work commitments, enjoying personal time and getting the most from their busy lives.  

Malibu Lifestyle
Monarch real estate concierge luxury home
Barbara Corcoran

I have the pleasure of experiencing first-hand how Monarch Estates goes the extra mile. Not only are they one of my favorite brokers, but I give them my stamp of approval when it comes to all things real estate concierge.  They will deliver!

Barbara Corcoran, Real Estate Mogul, Business Consultant and

ABC’s Emmy Winning TV Show, “Shark Tank” Investor

Monarch Real Estate Concierge Market Updates

Market Updates

Wondering what is going on in the real estate market?   At Monarch, we know the numbers never lie and every Monday, we provide you with all the data to support all your real estate decisions from Malibu, New York, London and beyond.

Real Estate Concierge

Wondering why we call ourselves Real Estate Concierge and what it is?  At Monarch, our mantra has always been, "going beyond the transaction."  While real estate is transactional, our work is not complete once the transaction has closed. Check out the video to learn more.

The experiment Podcast Real Talk with Laura Doughty

The eXperiment Podcast

The eXperiment Podcast is all things real estate, wellness and living excellence.  The journey of entrepreneurship is ever winding, just as real estate transactions can be.  We share our market updates and tips and tools to navigating through this life experiment.

Monarch Media





DRE # 01861790

As the CEO and Broker at Monarch, Laura defines her approach to life and business with the word excellence.  Growing up in the South, football was a part of everyday life.  So, Vince Lombardi's coaching style resonated with Laura from an early age.  She grew up in the real estate business: from age 11, Laura was collating MLS books for her father's publishing business that has published real estate Catalog of Homes for over 40 years.  

After obtaining her B.S. degree in Marketing and Design, she worked her way to top positions within the corporate world and launched her real estate career with Harry Norman Realtors in Atlanta, GA in 1997.   She continued her real estate career upon moving to California in 2001 and launched Monarch Real Estate Concierge in 2008.  Laura recognized there was a need to partner the real estate transactions with the concierge services, creating a true full-service real estate brokerage firm.

Having managed over 4000 agents and $6B in real estate transactions along with her extensive background in luxury services, Laura is the perfect leader to partner with.  Whether you're adding to your real estate portfolio or an agent looking for a Broker who has coached over 1000 agents to the top 20% in production but also actively works in real estate every day.

Laura resides in Malibu, CA, is an avid marathon runner and enjoys traveling for her clients and speaking engagements.  Recently, she partnered with her parents to take her beloved childhood home and transform it into a Bed and Breakfast for others to enjoy – The Grand Home. When she has spare time, it’s devoted to supporting pet adoptions and fund raising/educational events.

Laura Doughty Broker Monarch Real estate Concierge

"The quality of a person's life is in direct proportion to their commitment to Excellence."  - Vince Lombardi


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